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Saturday 4th December, we hosted our very first exhibition.

The artists displaying were given the theme of the exhibition as “What Mental Health Means to Me”

The nature of this sparked a lot of conversations around the mental health and wellbeing needs of our next generation. With the big cuts to the arts in education we wanted to show how important this form of expression is for young minds.

We hosted the exhibition at the beautiful North Coast Asylum Gallery on Saturday 4th December 5pm – 7pm

We were also delighted to be showcasing some local young poets from the spoken word group Sprout Spoken and a short performance from the delightful music of Newquay duo Delana & Pete

We also had an all ages after party at the Dead Famous bar in Newquay where we had the incredible BBC introducing band Haunt the Woods on stage at 8pm supported by Delana & Pete.

Sunday 5th December the North Coast Asylum was opened to show the exhibition all day between 10am and 4pm.

Sasha presenting her work virtually whilst in isolation.

3D Printing Cornwall the amazing green company based in Launceston made the amazing frames for the artists completely for free out of reusable plastics. Thanks Mike for all your hard work printing the frames!

Renowned guest artists Andy Pearce of Saltwalls Gallery and Jeremy Sanders of St. Ives also displayed at the exhibition and auctioning off art to raise money for the event.

Graham and Jessica

It was an opportunity for the young artists to dress up posh and put on their best shoes. It was a grand evening and a great experience for everyone taking part.

All the art was for sale; 50% of the proceeds went directly to the young artists and 50% to Youth Art Connect. Several paintings were sold and we raised over £200 for future events.

Art work from Andy Pearce of Saltwalls Gallery in Newquay and one of the YAC artists Max
Directors Marie Ralph, Graham Cullis and Siobhán Taylor

Graham gave a beautiful speech that bought a few tears to the eyes. We will miss his gorgeous energy and cuddles when he goes back to Bali next week. He will still be very much involved in Youth Art Connect thanks to Zoom and Facebook Messenger haha.

Drinks and Nibbles for the artists and VIPs
Afterparty at The Dead Famous in Newquay performance by Haunt the Woods

This was the first rock gig or concert a few of our guys had ever been to. To say it went down well is an understatement. Thanks again to the legends from Haunt the Woods, you guys made our night complete!